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Pareo Island Wholesale
Aloha & Welcome to Pareo Island's Wholesale page.
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Wholesale Sarongs
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Wholesale Sarongs
Premium Quality Hand Painted Pareo
Ginger Light Green You will be offering your customers sarongs that are handpainted by top artists on flawless first-quality rayon. Vibrant colors never fade,
machine wash-and-dryable. Properly displayed, they "sell through" in every venue from beach convenience stores to five-star luxury resorts.
Seeing is believing! Our eye-popping designs and colors jump out at you and your customer as they are modelled on our 10 minute DVD, "How
to Wear Your Pareo, 15 Beautiful Ties."
Frangipani Half Size Fish and Scales Brown   Sarong Sizes
Three sizes: full, plus, and half. (Dimensions on pricelist) Minimum 12 pieces, your choice of designs.
Wholesale-Only Economy Beach Wraps    As low as $5.75 each
Second Quality Sarong Batik and silkscreen beach wraps.
Dozens of designs and colors selected by Pareo Island for variety and value. All hand-designed using batik and silk screen techniques. Shipped from Hawai'i, 5 - 7 day delivery to US zip codes. 100% rayon. 70 inches x 46 inches (178cm x 118cm) Quantity Discounts
Second Quality SarongMore information ... Print and Batik Sarong Print and Batik Sarong Batik and Print
Beautiful array of Floral Designs
Batiks & Silk Screen Prints
Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back
Minimum 30 pieces - assorted
Quantity Discounts
Silk Hand Crafted Pareo
Turquoise Hand Stamped Silk Pareo Indulge yourself in the caress of this wondrous fabric. Pareo Island offers two distinct silks, both lustrous charmeuse, each crafted using age-old artistry and rich, dazzling colors. Enjoy the smooth seductive feeling of wearing one of these silks! Sarong measures 72 inches x 48 inches (183cm x 122cm). One size fits all!
Green Silk Tie Dyed Sarong
Quality Hand Painted Sarong
The tie-dye pareo are made from a lighter weight charmeuse silk. On the island of Java, in the area of Djumput, this traditional tie-dye method is raised to a high art.
The hand-stamped pareo are made from our heaviest weight silk, 52mm. Master artisans flawlessly apply our designs onto this supple and durable fabric using cast bronze stamps. Original designs by Pareo Island.
Quality Hand Painted Sarong
Red and Turquoise Silk Sarong
  Silk Sarong Motifs
The beauty of these silk fabrics is that they are so durable. They can be washed repeatedly and still maintain their hand and original beauty. We recommend washing by hand with a gentle soap.
Island Kimono Robes
Kimono Robe Green Made from the same top quality rayon as our sarongs, and handpainted in the same fashion.
Machine wash-and-dryable, one size fits all, eight brilliant colors.
Robes selection         Sarong Sizes
Kimono Robe wholesale price, $22
"Tank-Top Mu'u"
Tank-Top Mu'u This wildly popular dress is an update of the classic mu'umu'u. Comfortable and versatile.
Wholesale only, available in sizes XS, S, M, L, XL. More info....
Tank-Top Mu'u
"Tank-Top Mu'u" wholesale price, $19
Bandeau Dress
Tank-Top Mu'u A simple style in our incomparable handpainted designs.
Two sizes, S/M and M/L. Flexible fit works for all sizes from 1 to 16. More info....
Bandeau Dress
Bandeau Dress wholesale price, $19
Spandex Top Skirt
Tank-Top Mu'u The girls love this one! Spandex band at the top of the skirt, uneven hemline.
Wear it as high or as low as you want, even as a dress.
Sizes XS, S, M, L and XL More info....
Spandex Top Skirt
Spandex Top Skirt wholesale price, $22
Solid Color Sarong     "Match any Swimsuit"
Quality Hand Painted Sarong Do you sell swimsuits? Offering a matching solid-color sarong will bring joy to your customers, and an extra $15 - $20 to the sale! Fringed, full or half size. Order the colors of your choice.
Minimum order, 15 pieces.
Quality Hand Painted Sarong Plain Color Sarong
Solid Color Sarongs

Plain Color with Shells Sarong      
Quality Hand Crafted Jewelry
Half Size
Comes packaged with Free Coconut Buckle.
Full size
Comes packaged with Free
Fiber & Shell Bracelet.

Shell Jewelry and Accessories
Bead and Mother of Pearl This shell and bead jewelry will fly off your shelves!
At suggested retail (3 times your cost), the product
is still an "impulse buy." Don't take our word for it,
invest in a minimum order and see for yourself!
Jewelry Accessories
Cowrie Shell Braclet Turquoise Stone Necklace  
Mother of Pearl and Puka Shell Necklaces and Bracelets.
Cowrie Shell Braclet. Coconut Shell or Mother of Pearl Pareo Buckle

How to Wear Your Pareo DVD Movie
Gardinia Blossom Click the link below to watch the DVD.
The 10 minute movie shows 15 ways to tie a pareo.
Use this video to train your sales help, sell it as a retail
item, or run it in your store to promote sarong sales!
Pareo Tying DVD Movie
How to Tie Sarong Movie
Click to view DVD
Poolside Sarong  
If you run the DVD in your store, you will find that
Maile and Malulani are the best sales help you could ask for!
Never late to work, always helpful, they will sell lots of sarongs for you!

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Terms are as follows :
Wholesale Sarongs
Minimum Orders:
Hand Painted Pareo - 12 pieces, your choice of designs and colors.
Solid Color Sarongs - 15 pieces, you choose the colors you want.
Silk Pareo, $300, you may mix types of silk to achieve minimum.
Economy Batik Beach Wraps, 30 pieces, assorted.
Kimono Robes, 6 pieces, your choice of colors.
"Tank-Top Mu'u" Dresses, 6 pieces per color, your choice of sizes.
Jewelry - 12 pieces, any assortment.
Wholesale Sarongs
Customer pays shipping, U.S. Priority Mail, F.O.B. Kailua, Hawaii.
International shipping by U.S. International Express Mail.
Wholesale Sarongs
First order is processed by credit card. After that, we will extend net thirty day terms with current credit card on file.
International orders require prepayment by PayPal.
Wholesale Sarongs