Batik Hand Paint Process

  • 1. First the artist paints the outline of the motif in hot liquid wax onto the cloth, using a special hot wax applicator. It requires great skill to apply the wax evenly, with no drips!
    paint processpaint process3paint process2

  • 2. Next each color is painted one by one onto the stretched pareo. The natural wicking action of the fabric serves to blend and shade colors. The wax outlines prevent different colors from mixing.

    paint process9paint process8paint process7

  • 3. Now the pareo must hang to airdry. Pray for sunny weather!
    paint process16paint process12paint process17

  • 4. Then the workers soak the pareo in several baths, to fix the colors and to melt the wax out of the fabric.

    paint process11

  • 5. Finally, the pareo is dried again, sewn, ironed, checked for for flaws, packaged, and then shipped.

    paint process9paint process6paint process14
    paint process7paint process4paint process15