Tahitian and Hula Dancers Share Custom Pareo Design

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We love it when a client gets back to us with a positive review of their custom designed pareos! We REALLY love it when they send us pictures of them wearing and performing in them and thatʻs just what our friends at Ka ‘Ohi Nani o Mana’olana out of Albany, California did! 

thumbnailKa ʻOhi Nani o Manaʻolana is a perfomance halau/hui that does special events showcasing their unique style of hula and Tahitian dancing! They perform both hula and Tahitian style dancing and ordered a custom designed pareo with their logo AND a set of our bird or paradise pareos.

For their performance at a recent hoʻike (showcase) they wore the custom designed pareo (right) for the slow aparima and our bird of paradise design for a fast aparima Aparima (“kiss of the hand”) is Tahitian-style dancing.

If youʻd like to have a custom pareo for your hui, halau, or event group, visit our design your own pareo page!

A BIG MAHALO to Fatz for sharing all these photos with us!

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